150 x 50 cm

Stephanie Shwaner & Macarena Meza
Stephanie and Macarena, self-defined as “Light Lovers”, work together on ephemeral light installations in public and private space, transforming the experience of space by the use of light.
They were partners in the academy of Industrial Design and they meet again last year and decided to continue a path together to share their great interest about light sculptures.

Stephanie Schwaner

Born in Osorno de Chile in 1984.
Industrial Designer of the Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile;
She has more than 6 years of experience in the commercial area of design products (Product Manager). She works as freelance, and now she started developing light sculptures in public and private places and architectural lighting design project.

Macarena Meza
Born in Santiago de Chile in 1984.
Industrial Designer of the Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile; and Master in Lighting Design & Led Technology, Politecnico di Milano, Italy.
She was one of the founders of Oh my light Chilean Studio (2014 – 2017).
Works developing architectural lighting design projects and lighting interventions in public places, both in Chile as in Italy, Netherland, Brazil.
She was a teacher of Lighting course for Design career at AIEP Institute in Santiago

Light Installation: “Fractal of nature”
Is inspired by the own value of geometric beauty in nature.

Light sculpture that ́s made with the purpose of revalue by means of light the basic fragmented geometry that is repeated in the natural vegetation that surrounds and inspires us.
Of the vegetation we only recognize the intrinsic beauty and we do not perceive the mathematical equations behind it but there is a great variety of forms compositions and just as from the structure of each leaf, we recognize order and from the great we can recognize the chaos of various shapes and patterns.

The light changes the perception of the geometry of nature as we can see when there are climate changes, light is able to give us a magnificent visual perception in which we can visualize different shapes, volumes, depths, colors of vegetation changing vision perceptive we have of it.

The installation shows the abstract image of a vegetal composition of several leaves, which together with the light and shade emphasize volumes and depths of each leaf, forming a great composition; light appears from inside the leaves, cold white, greens, blues, yellows show that mathematics is the basis of the beauty of nature.

Through the composition of various RGB LED light modules arranged in a horizontal structure on a wall, the light of the leaves is portrayed. These modules reach a luminous composition of 1.50 meters long and are controlled digitally, with the possibility of creating different scenes that change colors and light intensity. A wireless controller allows to control and program light.
The change of each scene frames a unique moment of observation full of emotions and sensations that become a magical experience that renews the gaze of visitors.

Technical Principle

Modular structure of 3 sections (which complete the linear light sculpture of 150cm x 50cm wide), which are disposed on the wall.
It uses waterproof RGB LED technology and wireless LED driver.
Each triangular body is made of recyclable translucent plastic material