Installation Tangible with Augmented Reality App


Selma Eduarda Pereira (1983, Lagos-Portugal)
Selma is interested in artistic creation through and through digital media, through their convergence with fashion, with textiles (and other tangible materials).
She explores the expanded realities and “invasion” of digital in the tangible world.
PhD in Media-Digital Art (since February 2018), with the thesis The fashion in the Post-digital era.

While digital art researcher approaches two main lines:
– post-digital interactivity: the simulation of computational aesthetics in tangible art;
– the incorporation of the intangible (intangible) through digital media

Brief CV:
PhD in Media-Digital Art. Open University and University of Algarve
Teacher of esGallaecia (Gallaecia University School, Vila Nova de Cerveira)
Researcher at Ci-Esg: Research Center of esGallaecia
CIAC Collaborator: Center for Research in Art and Communication. Universidade Aberta, Lisbon

Project name: Nature of a digital dream
2019. Project under development
Media: Textile sculpture and augmented virtual reality app.

This project development combine the materiality of the textile sculpture with the e-materiality of the virtual reality.
With this artefact I propose to explore, through rematerialization, artistic practice, and digital aesthetic,which values the concept and critic through art, isa reflection of contemporaneity, of doing, and, above all,of digital media art.
“Nature of digital dream” is composed by:
two textiles sculptures with can adopt to differents dimensions of the space (each sculpture with 50cm x 30 x 70 xm)
this artifact is complemented by augmented virtual reality app, which will allow the public to interact digitally with the work.This app can be installed on tablets or smarthphones.
This artwork (tangible and digital) can be inserted in the post-digital aesthetics. The pluralism of artistic and theorical production of digital/computer art has given rise in recent years to numerous discussions and analysis from various points of view and has been interpreted in different ways. Currently, logical and digital aesthetics have became like that in a trend,but the fact and the matter will keep the essentiality of our everyday perception.
The rapprochement between the digital art and the tradition artistic techniques,which do not depend on an entirely computer, or an mechanical production,may seen contradictory,but this union, in the post-digital aesthetic perspective,blurs the boundaries between the physical and the material, in a game that questions the role of the process of creation/production of digital artist,post-digital artist and craftman.
In this sense “Natureof digital dream” has rematerialized the sculpture form, tangible, and request the spectators’ interaction and immersion, who are accustomed to constant digital/techonological interactions.