Etching Aquatint

68 x 68 cm

Graphic student at Fine Arts Academy of Turin. He developed his passion for calcographic engraving and created a connection with the environment of the laboratory.

He took part in the Erasmus program and attended an academic year in the Politecnic University of Valencia, thanks to which he sharpened his style and created most of his recent artworks.

He recently started to expose his production and he already got results in differents art exhibitions.

I am an engraver artist specialized in etching/aquatint technique. I work on zinc plates and I love to express my art using the intense contrast and perspectives. I like to use a special etching’s technique called craquelè where I generate natural marks for making my sturctures more realistic and with the aquatint I create visual depths thanks to the different black tonalities.

My works are a mix of minimal architecture with something metaphisical.

To realize them I usually work with vector programs for the projcet and after I’m used to transfer the idea on the zinc plate, in this way I generate a combination between classic and modern technique.

This work is called “Espansione” and shows a cube series that take shapes from the black or going to dissolve in it. The ese shapes are the rappresentation of the solid materia which sourrounded us ,with the craks that shows all the contraddictions in his fragility.