Acrilico e smalto su tela

90 x 120 cm

Born in Venice in 1959, he made the journey, the greatest creative stimulus of his artistic production.
From a Europe visited at a young age, acquires the visual baggage of traveling painters of the late 1700s.
Around 1993 Ballarin began his pictorial adventure. In 1996, a trip to Arabia, destined to become a long stay, marked his pictorial language by destructuring him positively. The visions of the Arab world, they provide a new dialectic, less descriptive and much more free and personal. In this period follows a series of personal and collective in various galleries of modern art.
The pictorial evolution with time is refined and reinterpreted by catching in the chromatic contrasts of the Arab atmosphere its own expressive language each time renewed because every time I go back in those lands, the silences, the smells, the shadows, the sand trampled deserts are already ‘present in my memory. “Visiting and living in those distant countries is a unique experience, bursting, I would dare say almost overwhelming.Perhaps not for everyone has been, or will be’ so ‘, but for as for me, feeling the intense aromas of spices and admiring women covered by those mysterious veils, leads me to a personal perception of the Arab world, a sometimes mysterious and sometimes repetitive world; the looks of men and the smiles of faceless women say more, they go beyond their appearance, as the glow of the sky leads me beyond the blue.
In about 2000 he moved to Rome coming into contact with the Capitoline atmosphere.
In 2013 he finally began his journey to Istanbul. After his participation in a personal fell in love with this city and then decided to move to Turkey.
However, it lives moving between these three cities, maintaining their own atelier on each of them.
He constantly participates in various personal and collective exhibitions in various cities both in Italy and in the Middle East.

The theme of prayer has always been very important in my artistic journey; the allusion and the hidden meaning of the image, arises from an inspiration, from reflection, from artistic contemplation, but above all from chromatic evidence aimed at expressing passion, seeking a harmonious sense of prayer which is therefore a reflection of an inner state

Il tema della preghiera e’ sempre stato molto importante nel mio percorso artistico: l’allusione e il significato nascosto dell’immagine, sorge da una ispirazione, dalla riflessione, dalla contemplazione estetica, ma soprattutto dale evidenze cromatiche volte ad esprimere passionalita’, ricerca di un senso armonico della preghiera che si pone quindi come riflesso di uno stato interiore.