Watercolor on arches

70 x 49cm

My paintings are about animal, plaints, or people who are easy to understand, however various people and animals in the paintings are not specific object themselves. It is about acting like a charm that draws empathy and stories from viewers. As I see the people who see my paintings and make different set of bridges, I believe that anyone can find the intersection of empathy in my paintings of materials not for them to discover the theory of modern art.
The quiet confrontation between the subject and the subtopic makes each subject stand alone. Seeing but not facing each other, creates mixed dialogue and tension by placing in a strange space, which helps viewers find their own point of intersection more aggressively, interpreting the reality’s reproducibility of poetry, not its own meaning
I believe that the metaphorical painting can even reach deeper as like in the sentence of the Book of Anxiety written by Fernando Pessoa, it is said “Dreaming Bordeaux is better than getting off the Bordeaux train station even closer to the truth.”
My work this year seems to be relationship-oriented, but at the same time it was time to look at absurdities and contradictions encountered by isolation-oriented tendencies
I hope it can be a time for those who look at my work to think about myself or about other people relationship.

I live at Namyangju city, where is small town, with my wife who is also drawing paint together.
Namyangju city is wonderful combination of city and nature.
It, in a way, is an advanced city and it, in another way, is also a country side.
It is very pleasure for me to draw paints in these two sides of Namyangju city.
North Han River is located nearby my place as well as Seoul is also not far from my home.
It is also my big pleasure to have tremendous painting ideas or sources coming from this place.
I started painting when I was 14 years old, and it has passed 32 years so far.
With an active and positive personality, I had worked as a management committee for Sosabul Art Exhibition, Sosabul International Art Festival, and Art Association and also contributed to the development of Korean Art by making West Sea Art Fair.
Currently, I am full-time watercolor painter, run Apple-green Art Studio, and teach painting to the public people.
I try to inform the excellence of Korean watercolor art through exhibition or SNS to Korea or abroad as much as I can.
I contribute to the development of Korean watercolor art by providing technical support for the manufacture of watercolor brush of Herrend Brush.