Resin textils

340 x 200 x 680


I was born in 1978 Poland. In 2003 I graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in Poland. I am married to Agnieszka Jackowska and we have 7 children. I run here my sculpture workshop .
In the centre of my compositions there are people, their spiritual condition and interpersonal relations. By using timeless, classical aesthetics I visualise everlasting problems with which everyone needs to confront. Classical elements go hand in hand with those borrowed from the world of pop-culture and encourage the viewers to reflect upon themselves as well as their here and now.


My work „Sticky Pink” consists of two big human faces in classical aestetic, connected with stretched pink „chewing gum”- symbol of cosumerism and temporary relationsip. Faces are done in resin, chewinggum is a fiber. It has its own ilumination. It is wind and rain resist. Sculpture is on big 1,3m hihg pedestals, that are possible to fill with water to make it havey.
I am interested in values we choose to follow and relationships we build with others. Exploring the field of human desires and emotions, many questions about condition of a modern humanity arise in my mind. I try to answer them with my sculptures. In exactly the same way I work on own progress, sculpturing myself slowly day by day.

With this work I want to ask my self and my viers:

What relationship do you have with others? What are you aiming for in those relationships? Do you care for them?
Are they long lasting and meaningful? Do you engage with them with honesty and awereness? With conerns about the other person? Or pehaps you only enter them for a brief moment. Driven by your intstinct and to fulfill your own needs? Is your approach to relationships immature, based on an assumption that you can deatach yourself at any moment? Do you give up when the thrill is gone?
After the sweetness fades away and shallow relationship loses its taste – do you then spit it out like a pink chewing gum? What is left of such relationships? What attachments stay with you? Do they leave good memories? Or make you feel heavy and leave you with memories difficult to erase? Can you look into other people eyes willing to see them? Are you trying to find different ways to discover the truth about the other person? Are you affraid?