Egg tempera and copper on canvas

50 x 70 cm

I have my background in architecture and have worked in England, Germany and Norway. I started painting full-time(almost) in 2011. I tried various techniques, but couldn’t resonate with any of them until I discovered egg tempera and took classes in Icon painting to learn the technique. Icon painting also involves gilding and I discovered I could resonate with metal leaf too. My background in architecture has taught me about materials and how to preserve them, which also means I know a lot about what transforms them – processes of decay. The materiality of paint and metals, how to process them into new composite materials.

Simultaneously a process of unlearning has taken place in me. I have questioned my preconceived ideas about what art is, what my art should be, what an artist is, about life and about what being human is all about. Some sort of quest trying to discover the Blueprint, so to speak – some sort of genuine artistic ore, the ultimate expression of something I do not know what is, but I recognize it when I see glimpses of it. Such a journey is highly intuitive. It is about exploring through creating and vice versa. and of course perception. Last year my interest turned to the realistic figure, and the human condition and that made all my bits and pieces of experimentation converge into a whole

My work is about the materiality and immateriality of paint and metals and the human condition.

I work with egg tempera and various metal leafs , a craft that I learned through taking classes in Icon painting. Through a lot of experimenting I have found my own way of working with these ancient techniques.

“Muse” is the first completed painting in a body of work in which has the working title “ Beyond identity”.

We know our selves to be what we are through our likes and dislikes, our preconceived ideas and belief systems about ourselves and the world, and the various roles we play in it. Somehow delineating ourselves from our surroundings by creating a container called identity. What happens when identity is challenged, dissolves even?

There is a conversation going on on the canvas, between realism and abstraction, between that which is defined and that which escapes definition. The face seems to be one, but through the use of colour it starts to vibrate as though it is two. Even the gender could be questioned, is it a man or a woman, maybe both?