Mixed collage with photos

50 x 60 cm

Ciro Di Fiore has the pseudonym of Daniel, his creative journey also with the fashion began from “First Alternative Winter” of Rimini. Daniel is an emerging creative, he has exhibited his stylistic paintings with his fashion samples because he is also an emerging stylist. In Fact since 2007 he has participated to fairs, in Italy and in Europe like Paris, with mini-lines of clothing for men and for children (now he goes on taking care about the realization in addition to planning) that are combined also with the paintings of international cultural movement Esaperatismo ‘s exponents artists.
Since december 2015 shows his artistic /stylistic works in Museums, galleries, fairs in Italy and abroad and from the “Italian Art Fair” of Dubai to the “Chie Art Gallery” of Milan, from the “Fair of Monaco 2016” at Chapiteau de Fontvieille (Principality of Monaco), and from european exhibitions “Europ’Art 2017” at the “Gallery Neuf” of Nancy and at the
“Company Expertis-comptable C.F.E.” of the Brabois – Nancy Technopôle” for the 60 years of the “Treaties of Rome” to the Event video platform “Luminator” of “Basel Artweeks” at the “Euroairport Basel” from the collective Exhibition at “809 Art Gallery” of Milan during fashion week in last september 2017 and from the collective “Choosing Colors” at the “ Daphne Bateau Gallery” organized from Eudaimonia Event at Paris during French fashion week to the Event video at the Stricoff Gallery di New York Chelsea and from the Video Exhibition “KUNSTMESSE “DOLOMITEN ( Kunst Aus Italien)” presented again also at the Web Art Gallery in “Barchessa di Villa Quaglia” of Treviso and from the collective “In- Liberty La Libertà del distacco” at the Villa Pecori Giraldi ( Manifattura Chini) in Borgo San Lorenzo ( Florence) to the exhibition “12° Contest “Premio Città di Rescaldina
2018” at the Villa Rusconi in Rescaldina ( Milan).
Daniel devotes himself also to the photography and to the illustrations and he has take part both of a environmental – geographical photographic competition “Obiettivo Terra” for the 48th Earth Day for the National Parks’s safeguard, and National Protected Marine Areas , and also to the contest “Terminididentità” to represent with a new identity the train station “Termini” of Rome. In february 2017 he took part of the project “Couture in orbit” in creation and of a clothing collection that integrated space.

The artwork “ Acqua” dedicated to the water from wich we are born, proposes issues that demand urgent and compelling answers ( and in detail by the message: “To leave the mortal jump for the leaps of quality”): exactly like these artwork that engages a more intensive Knowledge and consciences to a total awareness.