Mixed Media on Panel Wood

175 x 120 cm

Chara Kontopoulou is a visual artist, born in 1993 in Cyprus. She received her Bachelor of Visual and Applied Arts from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and her Masters of Arts Management, Policy and Practice from the University of Manchester, UK.

Inevitably influenced by the superfluous images appeared on social media and the consumption of information,  Chara Kontopoulou creates abstract paintings on large scale canvases, aiming to interact with the viewer and turn his passive vision into an exploring tool of experience.

As the paintings are consisted by alternate layers of resin and countless painting strokes, the overall artwork creates the illusion of a 3D painting. Due to the nature of the medium, the outcome is a shiny and reflective surface, the aim of which is to mirror the viewer and make him part of the artwork.

As an emerging artist, Chara participated in group exhibitions in Manchester, Greece and Cyprus. She also volunteers in museums and charities and organizes creative workshops with the purpose to engage people with arts. She currently lives and works in Manchester, UK.

I see my artwork as a means to escape from the ceaseless images of the everyday life. As a young person who has grown up immersed by the virtual world of social media, I have been overwhelmed with a plethora of information. As a result of this, my perception has made me a passive consumer.

My primary purpose is to attract the viewer’s curiosity and entice him into the world of my paintings.

Therefore, I create large scale paintings aiming  to enclose the viewer’s vision into the canvas’ physical boundaries. As the layers of resin and acrylic paint, create a shiny outcome aiming to attract the viewer, they end up reflecting the viewer’s figure on the painting’s surface and make him part of the overall artwork.

The process is based on the deformation and segregation of the greater form, where the creation of the “whole” depends on the creation of the “part”.

Through the forced co-operation be tween “emptiness” and “fullness”, a united chaotic shape is formed. The explosive overall of the artwork contradicts the general process of the production as it requires disciplined and exploratory design.

Although I am inspired from the fast-paced outside world, the artwork ends up characterizing the inner world: a multifaceted, embossed and illusionary world where balance and chaos co – exist in harmony.