Shen Shaomin at Mucciaccia Contemporary

Mucciaccia Contemporary is pleased to announce the exhibition dedicated to the artist Shen Shaomin (1956, Heilongjiang Province, China) that will be held in October-November 2018.
The Chinese artist is well known especially for the series of sculptures that represent in a hyper-realistic way human and animal nature, this works of art wanted to reflect on the theme of the artificiality and the relationship between the real and the imaginary.
On the occasion of the exhibition, Mucciaccia Contemporary’s space, will be set-up with various works from the series dedicated to the reproduction of great masterpieces of modern and contemporary art. The works have the appearance, as if they were wrapped in protective plastic packaging with scotch. The set-up of the gallery’s spaces with Shaomin’s works will simulate an exhibition during the dismantling phase with packaged paintings ready to be shipped to another destination.
The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue with essays, that provide some important issues of contemporary art such the themes of: mimesis, commodification, fruition of its.
There are several exhibitions who Shen Shaomin has participated and his numerous works of art become part of important public and private collections. Among his recent personal exhibitions there are: Keep Upright (2017), held at Klein Sun Gallery, New York, Handle with Care (2015) in the same gallery, There is no problem held at Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art, Guangzhou (Cina). Among the group exhibitions there are: Capital@Art.International (2018), Ost-Stern, a Francoforte e Almost There (2017), Jorge B. Vargas Museum, UP Diliman, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. Shen Shaomin has also participated in numerous art fairs, among the most recent: Art Basel, Hong Kong: Encounters (2017), Busan Biennale, Busan, South Korea (2017 and 2015), Xinjiang Biennale, Urumqi, China (2014).

Shen Shaomin
Mucciaccia Contemporary, piazza Borghese 1/A,
00186, Roma | T. +39 06 68309404 |
Free entry

Shen Shaomin, Handle with Care MoMA No.4, Oil on canvas 116×81.4cm 2017 (Lèger)
Shen Shaomin, Handle With Care Soup Can No.1, Oil on canvas 50.8×40.6cm 2015


La galleria Mucciaccia Contemporary è lieta di annunciare in anteprima la mostra dedicata all’artista Shen Shaomin (1956, Heilongjiang Province, China) che si terrà nei mesi di ottobre-novembre 2018.

L’artista cinese è noto al pubblico soprattutto per la serie di sculture che rappresentano in maniera iperrealistica la natura umana e animale e che riflettono sul tema dell’artificialità e il rapporto tra il reale e l’immaginario.

In occasione della mostra allestita negli spazi della galleria Mucciaccia Contemporary, saranno esposte diverse opere tratte dalla serie dedicata alla riproduzione di grandi capolavori dell’arte moderna e contemporanea, ma sulle cui superfici pittoriche sono dipinte velature di pluriball e scotch. L’accurato allestimento degli spazi della galleria con le opere di Shaomin simuleranno una mostra in fase di smontaggio con opere pittoriche impacchettate e pronte per essere spedite verso un’altra destinazione.

La mostra  verrà accompagnata da un catalogo con dei testi critici che forniranno alcuni spunti di riflessione su importanti tematiche dell’arte contemporanea come la sua mimesi, mercificazione, fruizione e museificazione.  

Sono diverse le mostre a cui Shen Shaomin ha partecipato e numerose le opere che sono entrate a far parte di importanti collezioni pubbliche e private.  Tra le sue recenti mostre personali sono da ricordare: Keep Upright (2017), presso la Klein Sun Gallery, di New York, Handle with Care (2015) presso la stessa galleria e There is no problem presso Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art, Guangzhou (Cina). Tra le collettive si ricordano: Capital@Art.International (2018), Ost-Stern, a Francoforte e Almost There (2017), Jorge B. Vargas Museum, UP Diliman, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, nelle Filippine. Shen Shaomin ha preso parte anche numerose fiere d’arte, tra le più recenti: Art Basel, Hong Kong: Encounters (2017), Busan Biennale, Busan, South Korea nel 2017 e  nel 2015 e Xinjiang Biennale, Urumqi, Cina (2014).

Shen Shaomin
Mucciaccia Contemporary, piazza Borghese 1/A,
00186, Roma | T. +39 06 68309404 |
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Artrooms Fair opens its doors in Korea

After London and Rome, the Artrooms Fairs open a new edition in Seoul, South Korea, from the 26th to the 28th of October 2018. The fair will be organised in collaboration with IACO Korea and will take place at the Riviera Hotel, in the very famous area of the Gangnam District.
What makes this fair so interesting is the diversity of the artists and their work. Away from the daunting walls of the wh
ite cube ideology of the gallery space, both visitors and artists feel more comfortable in engaging with one another, which enables artists to not only sell their work but to share their vision and practice in a very distinctive way.
Artists go through a very hard selection process and each year they face a different Selection Committee, whose members are experts of the Industry, comprising some of the most relevant names in the art world. These have included in the past editions Sotheby’s S2 Gallery Director Fru Tholstrup, Palazzo Strozzi’s Director Arturo Galansino, Star-Architect Marco Piva, Christies’ Victoria Wolcough and Tabish Khan from The Londonist, just to name a few.
Less than 100 out of approx. 2000 artists pass the selections, turning the Artrooms Fair into an hunting ground for art galleries, curators, and collectors to interact in an intimate setting and discover new trends and unrepresented talented artists.

Since this year, the Organisers have been launching a new Gallery Affiliation Programme offering art galleries the opportunity to liaise to a new network and scout for artists; among new affiliated Contini Contemporary, Mucciaccia Contemporary, Ransom Art and Bel Air Fine Art, 11[HellHeaven] Art Gallery, Ufofabrik, Zari Gallery. For the new editions, Artrooms Fairs will also open to Cultural Partners, in volving Museums and Foundations to give artists new exciting opportunities. The fair is unique in its kind: “One room at no cost to the artist”.
It is set on 4-star luxury hotels where every room is turned into an exhibition space, and it is also the only fair inviting independent artists to exhibit and sell their works without paying a fee. The venues are the Meliá White House in London, The Church Palace in Rome and the Riviera Hotel in Seoul.

The Artrooms Fairs offer an extraordinary platform to support and nurture the artist’s career and an extensive programme to all visitors, with workshops, interviews such as “In bed with the artists”, the Focus on Section dedicated to a Country, Art Projects and installations, Sculpture Park and Video Art.
For further information, visit

Artrooms Fairs shows
Seoul, October 26 -28, 2018
London, January 11-13, 2019
Roma, Coming soon
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The Group Show at Mucciaccia Contemporary

Francesco Cervelli, Mauro Di Silvestre, Brigita Huemer,
Daniel Jouseff, Francesca Matarazzo, Lorenzo Modica, Angelica Romeo,
Maurizio Savini, Nicole Voltan


Mucciaccia Contemporary is pleased to present The Group Show, the exhibition that show the works of the artists who collaborated with the gallery, from the moment of its opening. The gallery space has been set up to restate a critical journey that will accompany the visitor on a memorable path that will take place in the entire gallery space.
In this exhibition there are several artistic researches connected: the complex painting of Francesco Cervelli and Mauro Di Silvestre, the particular works by Daniel Jouseff, Lorenzo Modica, Maurizio Savini and Nicole Voltan. Until the harmonious plexiglass by Birigita Huemer which dialogue with the material and graphic paintings by Angelica Romeo and Francesca Matarazzo.
The exhibition which celebrate the opening of the gallery is Nel fondo del tempo, it was dedicated to Francesco Cervelli and Mauro Di Silvestre, who both were confronted whit the themes of the flow of the time and human memory. Francesco Cervelli has a conceptual approach and his works there are citations taken from the collective history in order to capture the viewer’s attention to bring it back to the most representative places of the history of art. Otherwise, Mauro Di Silvestre’s works are the result of a pictorial language which has source of inspiration in the personal memory: in his works we can see objects, scenes of life that overlap with decorative patterns.
The artistic research of Nicole Voltan, who was the protagonist of the site-specific exhibition entitled Piano CIELO / Piano TERRA, develops following different artistic mediums like fiber art, painting and sculpture. Each works conceal a theoretical complexity that can be read as a journey between different levels of understanding the nature, along which art and science provide different representations of a knowledge that expands and changes, with the aim of understand the man in its complexity.
Among the young emerging artists appears the work of Lorenzo Modica, who explores themes such as images, languages, the chance and the relationship with the architectural space. On this occasion the work exposed was made after an artistic residency held in 2015 in Belgrade.
In the show there is also the artist Maurizio Savini, well known for his creations made with chewing gum and with its works of art give a critical interpretation of the contemporary society.
The exhibition continues with the works of Francesca Matarazzo, which were exhibited at the show called Ipergrafie. Matarazzo’s works are characterized by a material transcription of graphic signs that derive from a compositional process about a reflection on the themes of time, the unconscious and the identity.
For the artist Daniel Jouseff are exposed works born from the FLAGS series, which reflect on the iconography of the flag as a symbol of identity and cultural belonging. The “borderline” artist, born in Sweden but of Palestinian origin, focuses his artistic production on identity research, and associating the irrational and the rational, the belonging to a place and the search for it.
At the end of the exhibition are exposed the works of the two artists, Brigita Huemer and Angelica Romeo, who were recently protagonists of the retrospective titled EMOTIVA, in which both highlighted the analysis of the ego and the complexity of the human being and the his emotions. The geometric and monochromatic painting on plexiglass by Brigita Huemer tending to capture the fluid material through the pictorial gesture, enters into a dialogue with the gestural painting of Angelica Romeo.

The Group Show
Mucciaccia Contemporary, piazza Borghese 1/A,
00186, Roma | T. +39 06 68309404 |
Monday – Friday, 10.30 am – 7 pm; Saturday and Sunday closed
Free entry

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Borghi of Italy – #NO(F)EARTHQUAKE”  

Concilio Europeo dell’Arte | InParadiso Art Gallery
Giardini della Biennale

26 May — 25 November 2018


“Borghi of Italy – #NO(F)EARTHQUAKE” is a Collateral Event of the 16th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. The exhibition, promoted by Concilio Europeo dell’Arte, is concerned on the seismic prevention and safety of our artistic heritage, and on the revitalization of those sites that are highly representative of our architectural tradition.

Symbol of the energy and commitment in safeguarding the historical and cultural heritage of Italian hamlets is the installation ‘Albero Sonico’ by the italian artist Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal inside Concilio Europeo dell’Arte gallery space (InParadiso Art Gallery) at the entrance to Giardini della Biennale.

Also the artwork suspended to the ceiling (‘Operazione Dimmi Amatrice’) is dedicated to the ancient village of Amatrice in Lazio, destroyed by the earthquake in 2016. This project is the result of the artist’s collaboration with the municipality of Amatrice and the Department of History, Representation and Restoration of Architecture of Università di Roma La Sapienza.

Curator for ‘Albero Sonico’, ‘Operazione Dimmi Amatrice’ is Stefania Minutaglio.
Courtesy by 11 [HellHeaven] Art Gallery.

Promoted by: Concilio Europeo dell’Arte.
In collaboration with: Università di Bologna Alma Mater Studiorum, Università IUAV Venezia, Comune di Amatrice, Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza, Fondazione Dino ed Ernesta Santarelli, Associazione Horto Culturale Amatrice Onlus.

The artist
Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal is sound designer, visual artist and performer. He has over thirty-five years of experience in the experimental research on sound and video.
Marco acquires notoriety for his harmonic vision of sonic bodies characterizing his huge conceptual installations, such as ‘SonicMandala’and ‘ComPUSters’.In 2017 in IX Biennial of Florence he wins the 5th Award ‘Lorenzo il Magnifico’. During the 57th Biennale di Venezia, he has his first retrospective exhibition inside the Church of Abbazia della Misericordia in Venice.
In 2018 Marco announces his new project called ‘TSP Trance Sonic Painting’: a series of installations and performances where the sound is transposed to the two-dimensional canvas.
His upcoming programs include the expansion of the concept ‘Albero Sonico’ and ’Operazione Dimmi’ in natural and site-specific environements.

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Sarah Emily Porter finalist for Broomhill National Sculpture Park Prize

The Broomhill Art and Sculpture Foundation launched, in 2009, the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize (NSP) with an annual prize fund of £15,000 to provide an exciting challenge for new and emerging UK based sculptors.

Each year ten short-listed sculptors selected by a panel of judges receive £1,000 each to create their proposed sculpture which is then exhibited at the Broomhill Sculpture Park in an annual NSP summer Exhibition.

The competition is open to UK based artists, currently studying (or within 10 years of graduation) an art-related course at a recognised School of Art.

The ten shortlisted artists in the 2018 Broomhill National Sculpture Prize are Nathan Caldecott, Jack Cheetham, Rob Good, Bea Haines, Hannah Honeywill, Naomi Kirk-Smith, Alla Malova, Rosie Sherwood, Darren Ray and Sarah Emily Porter, one of Artrooms Fair Roma 2018’s selected artists.

As the successful finalists begin to create their artworks, the public can follow the progress of each sculpture through the NSP Blog.

The judges’ winner receives £3,500. This piece becomes part of the Broomhill Art and Sculpture Foundation collection.

The ‘Public Speaks’ winner receives £1,500. This title is given to the sculpture that receives the most public votes during the exhibition period. Voting takes place at Broomhill and online

Al Boscolo Exedra Roma “Gods” la nuova mostra personale di Andrea Cagnetti in arte Akelo

Palazzo Naiadi – The Dedica Anthology Hotels e Le Dame Art Gallery, sono lieti di annunciare “Gods” (Dei) la nuova mostra di Andrea Cagnetti in arte Akelo, che avra’ luogo dal 19 aprile al 4 luglio nella splendida Hall del lussuoso hotel.

Andrea Cagnetti – in arte, Akelo – è un’anima antica, un uomo del Rinascimento, che vive nel 21esimo secolo, coltivando una grande passione: quella di creare gioielli e sculture, che coniugano la sua creatività alla perfetta padronanza delle tecniche di oreficeria e metallurgia, risalenti a oltre 3.000 anni fa.

I lavori di Andrea Cagnetti si basano su miti, leggende e simboli tratti da un repertorio ancestrale ed elaborati attraverso un suo personale linguaggio criptico, che attinge al sapere alchemico, frutto dei suoi approfonditi studi sui testi antichi.
Dal 2010, l’artista realizza la scultura per il premio “Robert Besson Prize” per la Mostra del Cinema di Venezia. Tra I registi premiati: Maha mat-Saleh Haroun; Jean-Pierre e Luc Dardenne; Ken Loach; Amos Gitai; e Carlo Verdone.
I suoi lavori sono presenti in collezioni permanenti e musei quali il Museum of Art and Archaeology in Missouri e il Fine Arts Museum di Boston e il Museo di Newark. Tra le sue ultime mostre: “Akelo’s Treasures. An Exhibition Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of a Roman Master Goldsmith” presso la famosa gioielleria Bentley & Skinner di Londra.
Come afferma in un testo critico, Giandomenico Spinola (Responsabile del Dipatimento di Archeologia dei Musei Vaticani) “Andrea Cagnetti parte da un artigianato antico come la sua terra, quello della tecnica orafa, per poi evolvere in forme artistiche le sue opere. Su questa linea ha realizzato le sue prime creazioni, tanto vicine ai capolavori dell’oreficeria etrusca da mettere talvolta in imbarazzo molti esperti. D qui, ha dato origine a lavori di notevole pregio in diverse direzioni: alcuni lavori rappresentano la prosecuzione della sua rima produzione orafa, altri se ne distaccano, ma quel che emerge in ogni sua opera, sempre e comunque, è una grandissima capacità tecnica e un’inventiva brillantemente espressa. In tutti i suoi lavori – anche in quelli in scala maggiore – non rinuncia mai alla cura del dettaglio, anche infinitesimale, proprio come nella migliore tradizione orafa”

“Gods”, mostra personale di Akelo (alias Andrea Cagnetti)
prorogata fino al 4 Luglio 2018
Palazzo Naiadi – The Dedica Anthology Hotels
Piazza della Repubblica, 47 – 00185 Roma – Italy
Tel. +39 06 48938910 – Fax +39 06 48938000
Orari di visita consigliati al pubblico: dal lunedi alla Domenica dalle ore 10:00 alle ore 19:00
Per appuntamenti con Le Dame Art Gallery e per interviste con l’artista, vi preghiamo di scrivere a: .
Per informazioni:

Gianmaria De Luca exhibiting at the Portraits Hellerau Photography Award 2018

For the third time, HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts Dresden and Kunstagentur Dresden announced their annual PORTRAITS competition. As one of just over 50 shortlisted photographers, Gianmaria De Luca, selected artist for Artrooms Fair Roma 2018, will be exhibiting nine portraits from his project Rêverie at the Portraits Hellerau Photography Award 2018, in Dresden, Germany.

The exhibition will run until the 2nd April, 2018, Fridays to Sundays, 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm.


Artrooms Fair London 2019 – Call for Artists now open

Artrooms Fair Londra ha annunciato le date della sua 5a edizione!

La Fiera si svolgerà dal 11 al 13 gennaio 2019 al Melia White House Hotel, ad Albany Street, Londra NW1 3UP (Regent’s Park).

Stiamo cercando artisti indipendenti da tutto il mondo, proveninenti da qualsiasi background e media

Gli artisti esporranno nelle camere d’albergo che saranno trasformate per l’occasione nel priprio spazio intimo e creativo.
È una grande opportunità per condividere la propria visione dell’arte, incontrare collezionisti e curatori ed essere “scoperti” dalle gallerie.

Artrooms è la prima fiera internazionale d’arte contemporanea che offre spazi espositivi gratuiti ad artisti indipendenti, un nuovo concept d’incontro tra artisti ed acquirenti.

Per partecipare vai sul sito:
Quota di iscrizione: 20 sterline
Scadenza del bando: 31 maggio 2018

Aperta la Call per Artrooms, la fiera londinese sbarca nella Capitale

Aperta la call per Artrooms, la fiera londinese sbarca nella Capitalle

Artrooms Roma 2018, international contemporary art fair for independent artists, will take place at The Church Palace Hotel in Rome, Italy.“La fiera d’arte londinese Artrooms London sbarca a Roma. Il progetto fieristico che ha contribuito a istituzionalizzare una tendenza, quella di portare l’arte contemporanea negli hotel, nel 2018 si svolgerà nella Capitale, dal 2 al 4 marzo all’hotel The Church Palace. Oggi si apre ufficialmente la call per gli artisti che intendono partecipare:

Saranno in tutto cinquanta gli artisti che esporranno i loro lavori nelle camere di The Church Palace, trasformate per l’occasione in atelier dagli artisti stessi. Le domande saranno valutate da un Comitato di Selezione composto da curatori, galleristi e collezionisti d’eccellenza, tra i quali: Christian Fannenboech, direttore e curatore di Ransom Art, Alastair Smart, Associate Editor di, Justin Raccanello, direttore di Bazaart, una delle principali gallerie di Frieze Masters. Artrooms Roma sarà articolata in 3 sezioni: l’esposizione centrale nelle camere, una sezione per la Video Arte e uno Sculpture Park.

Per iscriversi è sufficiente presentare una biografia, il curriculum delle esposizioni e le immagini delle opere, oltre a una descrizione del progetto espositivo. 

La fiera gioca un ruolo chiave nel ridefinire il mondo dell’arte, innovando le modalità di incontro e relazione tra artisti, gallerie e collezionisti: non per nulla, Artrooms si è imposta come il più grande evento per artisti indipendenti nel Regno Unito, nonché uno degli appuntamenti artistici più attesi dell’anno. Per questo non resta che aspettare per vedere se anche l’edizione romana sarà all’altezza delle aspettative. Intanto… Iscrivetevi:”

Project Art – The Social Arts Market winning artists for Artrooms 2018

Project Art, the new crowd-curated online arts market, ran an online competition giving artists the chance to exhibit at ARTROOMS 2018.

London, UK: Inspired by their partnership with ARTROOMS Project Art ran its online competition from 15th to 30th September. The prize for the four winning artists is an opportunity to exhibit and sell their artwork at Project Art’s exhibition space during ARTROOMS 2018. To enter the competition, artists simply had to upload up to three of their artworks to Project Art’s site The platform’s users and visitors were able to crowdsource the winning artworks by viewing, liking and sharing their favourite works of art on The artists behind the works which received the most user interactions were selected as competition winners.
The four winning artists are:
1. Irena Iris Willard
2. Armando Alemdar
3. Edwin Barrington Lue-Shing
4. Alizé Wilkinson
Project Art’s co-founder & CEO Johannes Fröhlich commented: ‘We are delighted to be running this competition to exhibit during ARTROOMS 2018. Our mission in creating Project Art was to break down the barriers that prevent many artists from entering the market, and to make emerging art available to a broader audience. This competition helps us do exactly that and provide four artists the chance to showcase their work on a global stage.
About Project Art – The Social Arts Market™ Project Art is a London based start-up with a global outlook. Project Art’s vision is to democratise the arts by building a new art market model, a level playing field for artists, art lovers and newcomers alike.
So much more than an online gallery, Project Art – The Social Arts MarketTM is the first crowdcurated online art marketplace – connecting artists with art enthusiasts globally where the value of artwork develops in real time based on purchases and users’ interactions with the artwork on the platform, creating a truly democratic art-market based on evolving trends.
The platform helps artists to break through the barriers of the arts market and share their artwork with a wide and engaged audience. Being a true social marketplace, the platform captures and measures popularity and trends driven by the community on Project Art – everybody can be actively engaged – and all interactions and purchases have an impact on the price development of the artwork.

Project Art – The Social Arts Market™ is free to use, no membership fees, no joining fees.