Working on my next “Tribute to Biba” exhibitions …

Emanuela’s Show follows on from her exhibition at Bristol’s City Hall, Kingston Museum her feature in The Observer in 2018 and her sixth feature on Saatchi Art’s homepage Collections “Inspired by Fashion” 2019.


I am inspired by shapes of Italian fashion, work uniforms and the brightness of the colours of British clothing, the simplicity of the shapes playing with primary colours, secondary and complementary. The human body, male or female, that communicates emotions through different clothing. I would like to link art to fashion.

Di Filippo’s influences include the slender portraits Modigliani and especially, the vibrant colours of Sonia Delaunay. In The Observer she explains, “I was inspired by abstract, minimal, contemporary artists. But then I came back to my first loves: art and fashion.” Biba’s designs are reminiscent of the classic Italian fashion Di Filippo grew up with: “They have a simplicity of shape, and I loved the colours such as olive, rust, and bruised purple.” For Di Filippo, Biba’s 60s style remains timeless. “It’s like Coco Chanel’s little black dress. It will never get old.”

Emanuela Di Filippo’s Forthcoming solo show Art and Fashion
“Tribute to Biba Inspiration”, Devonport Guildhall,
Wednesday 4th September – Wednesday 11th September 2019
9.00 am – 3.00 pm

Devonport Guildhall,
Ker Street , Plymouth, Devon
PL1 4EL United Kingdom



Istallazione di Sculture di acciaio e fuoco
Bologna, dal 2 al 10 febbraio

“Puoi vedere la danza impetuosa delle fiamme ardenti?
La luce turbinante che abbaglia.
Senti la vibrazione avvolgente?”

Ogni opera è come una parte anatomica del Drago ed è concepita come Anatomia della trasformazione.
Così ogni parte può essere combinata in molti modi con le altre, creando nuove forme.

Immagina quale forma ha l’essenza della trasformazione.
Forse è uno spirito a due teste, una guarda il Passato e una il Futuro.
Forse ha la grazia femminile con chiome cangianti ed occhi scintillanti.
Forse è un Drago dalle ali fuoco, cavalcalo!

Ti invito a toccare con mano, a sentire l’energia del metallo e del fuoco e a comporre il tuo Drago.
L’attività è GRATUITA e aperta a tutti i visitatori nella notte del 2 Febbraio in occasione di ARTE FIERA CITY WHITE NIGHT.
Dal 3 al 10 Febbraio è necessaria l’iscrizione.
cel: 347 7841203
Arte & Artiste, via Oberdan 12a, Bologna
Dal 2 al 10 Febbraio 2019
Dalle 10.00 alle 13.00 e dalle 16.00 alle 19.00
Apertura straordinaria il 2 Febbraio fino alle ore 24 in occasione di ARTE FIERA CITY WHITE NIGHT.


L’artista sta lavorando a nuovi progetti artistici indipendenti e fortemente creativi. Le prossime date la vedranno impegnata in esposizioni di carattere nazionale-internazionale. Una delle date attese è la Florence Biennale 2019 a Firenze XII edizione 18-27 Ottobre 2019, Firenze, Fortezza da Basso.

Art That Uplifts by Cecilia Garrec

Metamorphose Beaux-Arts is pleased to host the solo exposition of the colorful works of French-American artist Cecilia Garrec.

Cecilia Garrec is well known on both sides of the Atlantic for her colorful paintings that bring both dynanism and flow to the viewer by blending the ephemeral with the present.

This 3 week exhibition, Art That Uplifts, features 25 of her lastest works


Exhibition Art That Uplifts from January 8-28, 2019
Vernissage : January 19, 2019
Metamorphose Beaux Arts
20 rue Alphonse Pécard,
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France
+33 06 64 46 20 34,
Free Entry

Christmasexhibition in my private rooms Geislingen 20.12.2018 until 23.12.2018

Have you ever felt like you created an excellent clip of your life and finally it didn’t go round? Even everything seemed to be well organized and perfectly planned. That was for me the moment of sayin’good bye to all the cages, life puts us in.

Do what comes out easily…try your best…trust your heart. Enjoy a little journey through my work and days…..Let the flow in….TIN∀




Palazzo Naiadi – The Dedica Anthology  – and Le Dame Art Gallery are delighted to present BLACK SHADOW PORTRAITS, a new exhibition by Sebastiano Bianco set from the 10th of October until the 3rd of December 2018.

The Black Shadow Portraits (BSP) is a photographic project inspired by the art of cameos, carved jewels, and 18th century silhouettes, in which the image is of contrasting color to the background. The artist aims to achieve similar results using the contrast between light and darkness.

The shade creates a silhouette and leaves the rest to the imagination. Each viewer can add personal, intimate details to the characters.

“There is something magical and ancestral about the depths created by the color black – says Sebastiano Bianco – something we are all familiar with, as if the atavic fear of the dark we learned to overcome as children were now transformed into a magical portal through which we can access our innermost fantasies”.

Bianco create projects in which digital photography is used to re-invent the concept of portrait, one of the earliest forms of representation, which in 1681 art historian Filippo Baldinucci defined as a “figure drawn from reality”. A portrait is not merely a mechanical reproduction of a human subject, as it is the artist’s own vision and interpretation of the subject, through the lens of the artist’s sensitivity and his time.


Le Dame Art Gallery in Rome
Palazzo Naiadi – The Dedica Anthology
Piazza della Repubblica, 47 – 00185 Roma – Italy
Tel. +39 06 48938910
Suggested visiting time: Monday to Sunday from 9am to 7pm

This side up: FRAGILE

Mucciaccia Contemporary is pleased to present This side up: FRAGILE, the solo exhibition dedicated to the artist Shen Shaomin (1956, Heilongjiang province, China).

On the occasion will be exhibited 22 works, recently produced, taken from the series Handle with Care, in which the artist reproduces the masterpieces of modern and contemporary art history covering them with a painted packaging of bubble wrap and scotch.

The exhibition, curated by Giulia Abate, will be inaugurated Wednesday 17th October 2018 from 6.30pm. The show will be accompanied by a trilingual catalogue edited by Carlo Cambi Editore with an unpublished interview of the curator to the artist.

The idea behind the origin of the Handle with Care series, comes from a visit by Shen Shaomin to a warehouse museum. At the sight of carefully packaged art masterpieces, the artist perceived the sense of authority and their power of cultural representation. Hence, the feeling of venerability towards these works, considered like the “classics” masterpiece of Western art history.

Among the works on display, one notices a particular reference to the great artist and major exponent of American Pop Art, Andy Warhol, who used to create his works following an industrial process. “Andy Warhol  – says Shaomin – is one of my favorite artists whose works are constant replication. I replicate his works in his way of replicating works. That’s a consumption of his consumerism.”


Shen Shaomin is well known especially for the series of sculptures that represent in a hyper-realistic way human and animal nature, this works of art wanted to reflect on the theme of the artificiality and the relationship between the real and the imaginary.

On the occasion of the exhibition, Mucciaccia Contemporary’s space, will be set-up with various works from the series dedicated to the reproduction of great masterpieces of modern and contemporary art. The works have the appearance, as if they were wrapped in protective plastic packaging with scotch. The set-up of the gallery’s spaces with Shaomin’s works will simulate an exhibition during the dismantling phase with packaged paintings ready to be shipped to another destination.

There are several exhibitions who Shen Shaomin has participated and his numerous works of art become part of important public and private collections. Among his recent personal exhibitions there are: Keep Upright (2017), held at Klein Sun Gallery, New York, Handle with Care (2015) in the same gallery, There is no problem held at Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art, Guangzhou (Cina). Among the group exhibitions there are: Capital@Art.International (2018), Ost-Stern, a Francoforte e Almost There (2017), Jorge B. Vargas Museum, UP Diliman, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. Shen Shaomin has also participated in numerous art fairs, among the most recent: Art Basel, Hong Kong: Encounters (2017), Busan Biennale, Busan, South Korea (2017 and 2015), Xinjiang Biennale, Urumqi, China (2014).

Opening 17th October h. 6.30 pm
Shen Shaomin. This side up: FRAGILE, Curated by Giulia Abate
Mucciaccia Contemporary, piazza Borghese 1/A,
00186, Roma | T. +39 06 68309404 |
Free entry

Shen Shaomin, Handle with Care MoMA No.4, Oil on canvas 116×81.4cm 2017 (Lèger)
Shen Shaomin, Handle With Care Soup Can No.1, Oil on canvas 50.8×40.6cm 2015


La galleria Mucciaccia Contemporary è lieta di annunciare in anteprima la mostra dedicata all’artista Shen Shaomin (1956, Heilongjiang Province, China) che si terrà nei mesi di ottobre-novembre 2018.

L’artista cinese è noto al pubblico soprattutto per la serie di sculture che rappresentano in maniera iperrealistica la natura umana e animale e che riflettono sul tema dell’artificialità e il rapporto tra il reale e l’immaginario.

In occasione della mostra allestita negli spazi della galleria Mucciaccia Contemporary, saranno esposte diverse opere tratte dalla serie dedicata alla riproduzione di grandi capolavori dell’arte moderna e contemporanea, ma sulle cui superfici pittoriche sono dipinte velature di pluriball e scotch. L’accurato allestimento degli spazi della galleria con le opere di Shaomin simuleranno una mostra in fase di smontaggio con opere pittoriche impacchettate e pronte per essere spedite verso un’altra destinazione.

La mostra  verrà accompagnata da un catalogo con dei testi critici che forniranno alcuni spunti di riflessione su importanti tematiche dell’arte contemporanea come la sua mimesi, mercificazione, fruizione e museificazione.  

Sono diverse le mostre a cui Shen Shaomin ha partecipato e numerose le opere che sono entrate a far parte di importanti collezioni pubbliche e private.  Tra le sue recenti mostre personali sono da ricordare: Keep Upright (2017), presso la Klein Sun Gallery, di New York, Handle with Care (2015) presso la stessa galleria e There is no problem presso Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art, Guangzhou (Cina). Tra le collettive si ricordano: Capital@Art.International (2018), Ost-Stern, a Francoforte e Almost There (2017), Jorge B. Vargas Museum, UP Diliman, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, nelle Filippine. Shen Shaomin ha preso parte anche numerose fiere d’arte, tra le più recenti: Art Basel, Hong Kong: Encounters (2017), Busan Biennale, Busan, South Korea nel 2017 e  nel 2015 e Xinjiang Biennale, Urumqi, Cina (2014).

Opening 17th October h. 6.30 pm
Shen Shaomin. This side up: FRAGILE, Curated by Giulia Abate
Mucciaccia Contemporary, piazza Borghese 1/A,
00186, Roma | T. +39 06 68309404 |
Entrata Libera


Elisa Cantarelli is an Italian visual artist born in Parma in 1981. She works predominantly with mixed media on printed images using a “dotting” technique.
“Dotting is my personal way to color an image – says Elisa – dropping each single dot covering the whole surface is a meditative process”.
Elisa completed her BA with distinction at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna in 2006 and the year after, she won the National Art Award and exhibited at the Bologna Art Fair. Since then, she has been showing in Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, France and UK where she moved since 2009.
“We first met Elisa during the first edition of the Artrooms Fair Roma at The Church Palace – say Cristina Cellini Antonini and Chiara Canal, owners of Le Dame galleries – we immediately fell in love with the double perception of her work involving the viewer from a visual to tactile approach”.

Le Dame Art Gallery

at the Meliá White House
Finissage 28th September 2019
from 6:00 PM