Palazzo Naiadi – The Dedica Anthology  – and Le Dame Art Gallery are delighted to present BLACK SHADOW PORTRAITS, a new exhibition by Sebastiano Bianco set from the 10th of October until the 3rd of December 2018.

The Black Shadow Portraits (BSP) is a photographic project inspired by the art of cameos, carved jewels, and 18th century silhouettes, in which the image is of contrasting color to the background. The artist aims to achieve similar results using the contrast between light and darkness.

The shade creates a silhouette and leaves the rest to the imagination. Each viewer can add personal, intimate details to the characters.

“There is something magical and ancestral about the depths created by the color black – says Sebastiano Bianco – something we are all familiar with, as if the atavic fear of the dark we learned to overcome as children were now transformed into a magical portal through which we can access our innermost fantasies”.

Bianco create projects in which digital photography is used to re-invent the concept of portrait, one of the earliest forms of representation, which in 1681 art historian Filippo Baldinucci defined as a “figure drawn from reality”. A portrait is not merely a mechanical reproduction of a human subject, as it is the artist’s own vision and interpretation of the subject, through the lens of the artist’s sensitivity and his time.


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‘Olympia e le Muse’ exhibition in Roma

Etchings and original engravings from the most important Masters of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism in Europe.

Acqueforti e incisioni originali dei più importanti maestri dell’Impressionismo e Post-Impressionismo in Europa.

Thirty rare Impressionist and Post-Impressionist graphic works by Manet, Renoir, Sisley, Bracquemond, Morisot, Pissarro and many others who used engraving and lithography as an autonomous and original artistic expression.

Trenta rare opere grafiche impressioniste e post-impressioniste di Manet, Renoir, Sisley, Bracquemond, Morisot, Pissarro e molti altri artisti che utilizzarono l’incisione e la litografia come espressione artistica autonoma e originale.


Curated by:
Stefania Minutaglio
Stefano Liberati


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Olympia e le Muse
3rd-24th November 2018
Via dei Coronari, 111
Phone: +39 06 4521 4974
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