Elisa Cantarelli is an Italian visual artist born in Parma in 1981. She works predominantly with mixed media on printed images using a “dotting” technique.
“Dotting is my personal way to color an image – says Elisa – dropping each single dot covering the whole surface is a meditative process”.
Elisa completed her BA with distinction at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna in 2006 and the year after, she won the National Art Award and exhibited at the Bologna Art Fair. Since then, she has been showing in Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, France and UK where she moved since 2009.
“We first met Elisa during the first edition of the Artrooms Fair Roma at The Church Palace – say Cristina Cellini Antonini and Chiara Canal, owners of Le Dame galleries – we immediately fell in love with the double perception of her work involving the viewer from a visual to tactile approach”.

Le Dame Art Gallery

at the Meliá White House
Finissage 28th September 2019
from 6:00 PM