The Artrooms organisers are thrilled to present you the members of the Selection Committee of the 2018 Edition of the fair. Clicca qui per la pagina in Italiano

Christian Fannenboeck Campini, Gallery Director and Curator

Christian has a vast carrear as Art Curator, which began with his role as Gallery Director for several prestigious galleries in Venice, Capri, Milan and St. Moritz.
He is currently the Gallery Director and Curator for Ransom Art Gallery in London, involving the curation of the gallery’s eclectic collection which he executes by forming close relationships to the internationally renowned artists that he chooses to exhibit.
With twenty years of experience working within the business, Christian’s curation apport to Ransom Art has helped to create a recognised gallery presence in the market as much as participate and organised exhibitions in important International Art Fairs in the USA and France.

Massimo Giannoni, Artist

Born in Empoli in 1954, he lives and works in Florence. Winner of the Lubiam Award (Mantova) in 1979, awarded as best student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy. In the early 90s he lived between Australia and the United States, to re-establish himself in Italy in the mid-90s, when the series of bookstores and business grants began. Among the solo and group shows we mention: 2005, Fuori tema / Italian feeling, curated by Marco Tonelli, XIV Quadrennial of Rome, Palazzo Delle Esposizioni, Rome; 1968-2007, Italian Art, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, Palazzo Reale, Milan, 2007. In 2011 he is one of the 10 Artists Selected by the Fondazione Roma, for the 54th International Biennial Exhibition of Art in Venice, Italy Pavilion, and in the same year he took part in the Mantua literature festival, with the exhibition L’Aleph, at the Palazzo della Ragione. In 2013, he participated in the Mimesis exhibition, variations on the book, edited by Sergio Risaliti, at the Uffizi Library in Florence; and, again in the same year, he created the personal exhibition Duration of the image, by Flaminio Gualdoni at Palazzo Giureconsulti, in Milan. In 2015 he took part in the collective Linea di con, curated by Marco di Capua at the Biliotti Museum in Rome, and in 2016 exhibited at the Hebrew Museum in Bologna the oil on canvas Muro del Pianto, a preliminary study for the development of a Triptych of large size (200×600 cm), made for the solo exhibition Four Triptychs – curated by Marco Tonelli – at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome in 2012.

Fulvio Granocchia, Gallery Director

Fulvio, born in Rome, moved to London at the age of 16 where he graduated in Political and Governative Science.
All his life has been surrounded by art.
His father, introduced him in the antique business and Fulvio became an expert in Renaissance Art and antiques jewellery.
Through the years he curated exhibitions and helped cataloging for a few auction houses.
In 2007 his passion for precious gems made him become a GIA Gemologist and Designer.
His long lasting passion for contemporary art led him to join Contini art UK in 2013 in helping them opening, developing and running the business in the UK.

Tiziana Kaseff Grilli, Real Estate Expert

Tiziana can be called “melting pot”: born in NY (from a half-Russian, half-Portuguese mother and half-Lebanese, half Italian father), she grew up in the United States, Brazil and Europe.
Three passports, six languages ​​and an eclectic professional career make her a volcano of ideas and contacts in various fields. Graduated in Business and Economics at the University of California Santa Barbara, she worked in strategic planning for companies such as Shell Oil and Bayer and in finance in London City for investment banks such as Morgan Stanley and UBS. Today Tiziana is the Director of the number one agency in Italy of the most important American real estate brand in the world: Coldwell Banker. Her ability to successfully combine art, design, luxury and lifestyle have now made her the Reference in the national real estate universe. In her spare time she reads as much as possible about quantum physics and trains with rigor to avoid being elected the worst billiard player in the world.

Gianluca Marziani, Curator

Gianluca Marziani has been dealing with Contemporary Art since the early nineties, following an approach that develops connections with other creative languages. An autograph model that manages the complex supply chain (conception, organization, production, exhibition, distribution…) in continuous links between theoretical approach and practical development. He was one of the first European curators to define advanced financing projects with enterprises and companies. In 1998 he published the first theoretical book about the links between the framework and the new technologies entitled NQC and published by Castelvecchi Editore. With the same Publisher he also published in 2002 MELTING POP, the first theoretical book about the links between visual art and other creative languages ​​(fashion, design, cinema, magazines, record covers, movie titles… ). His seven years experience as Artistic Director of the most important museum in Umbria, Italy, marks him in history in the resources management (human, cultural, territorial) with verifiable results and a high quality of the overall proposal, demonstrating how the logic of museum assistance and rain financing is now old fashion. He was the Editor of six editions of the Terna Prize. He has also curated the Celeste Prize for six editions.
From the very beginning he investigates undervalued or submerged artists (of these years the discovery of the artistic side of a character like Remo Remotti), as well as following with frequent attention the underground cultures, the emerging currents, the generational dynamics.
Marziani is a professional journalist since 1996 with collaborations in Italy and abroad. Since May 2010 he is the Artistic Director of PALAZZO COLLICOLA ARTI VISIVE – Spoleto. He was (co) Creator and Curator of the six editions of the Terna Prize. He was the Artistic Director of the ROCCO GUGLIELMO FOUNDATION. External Curator for the 2011 Venice Biennale of the Umbria Pavilion. Consultant for the Venice Biennale 2011 of the project dedicated to Italian Cultural Institutes in the world. In 2016 he held a cycle of contemporary art lessons at the GNAM in Rome. He was nominated Curator of the year 2010 by the jury presiding over the Ca ‘Zenobio Prize. He won the Magna Grecia Prize (2005) and an A.B.O. d’Argento (2006). He held the Visual Arts course at the IED in Rome for a few years. He was a Guest Contributor for the blog Dissonanze, an Italian festival of electronic music and culture. In 2000 he created the cultural project that launched the NEW MINI in the world. The title of the project, which arrived in Rome at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, was DALLA MINI AL MINI. He has been a cultural consultant for several brands such as Bmw, Mini, Mercedes, American Express, Merck, Helsinn … one of the first curators who, since the nineties, has understood the value of the connections between business and culture. In 2003 he made “Young Italian Genome”in New York, the first exhibition of the decade on young Italian art in the American territory. In 2009 he made “Connectivity” at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York, confirming his strong focus on young Italian art. In 2010 in Shanghai, within Casa Italia and in the Supec Museum, he was among the Italian curators involved in the “Expo Shanghai” project. In Milan, at the Pack gallery, he organized an exchange event involving three international galleries: Analix in Geneva, Mizuma in Tokyo and Galeria des Angels in Barcelona. In 2008 he created the largest Italian street art exhibition entitled SCALA MERCALLI, a project (accompanied by a book with the same title) that involved the entire exhibition space of the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome for five months. In 2010 he realized in Spoleto the first major Italian exhibition on POP SURREALISM, signing the first Italian book on this international pictorial movement. He was the first curator to organize events and exhibitions at the MAXXI in Rome: together with the Terna Group, of which he was consultant for the award of the same name, he held press conferences (first and second editions and of the Prize), an event (Masbedo) and an exhibition (second edition) in the spaces designed by Zaha Hadid.
He has collaborated with some of the best Italian magazines in the sector (Flash Art, Art, Celestial Theme, Sign, Artel, Next …). He has also collaborated with Duel, Kult, Time Out Rome, ZU, Hot, Corriere della Sera Style. He has held columns with First (“Five Senses”), GQ (“Back to Back” together with Alessio Bertallot) and STYLE PICCOLI (a column on contemporary art told to parents and children, the column is still in progress). He was one of the founders of the Next Exit magazine, dedicated to the relationship between creativity and work. He edited visual art for the Next Mag magazine and was a consultant for the visual magazine Fefè.
In addition to six editions of the Terna Prize, he has curated the Celeste Prize for six editions. He was artistic director of the first edition of EcoArt Project. He was co-curator of the Premio Monza Serrone (first edition). He was a selector at the Cairo Prize (tenth edition) and at the Zingarelli Rocca delle Macie Award (first and second edition).
He curated the galleri project Stop.sistemacreativo, the multimedia project Plot Art, the multinational project Artsinergy, the project between fashion and art Maison d’Art, the project between art and design Artwo. He is the creator of the web projects,,

Pietro di Pierri, Architect

Arch. Pietro di Pierri, is the CEO of The Church Resort, the Group includes The Church Palace, the splendid venue that will host the first edition of the Artrooms Fair Roma.
Di Pierri was born in Rome, from a family that has always been committed in the Arts. Son of Piero Di Pierri and Anna Pia Neri. The father founded and directed for over 50 years the International Group “Vivai del Sud” with branches in Europe and in the U.S.; while the mother was a professor in History of Art. The family members include the former General Secretary of the Council of Rome, Professor Pietro Neri, appointed by UNESCO and Publisher Sergio Neri.
Di Pierri studied at “Villa Flaminia” in Rome and at the Boston University of Architecture. In 1998 he is appointed AD of “Vivasud”, a company specialized in Design Contract and in 1999 he becomes the Managing Director of the Societa’ Canal & Stamperia di Venezia, publisher of the “L’Architetture” by Bruno Zevi and of the “Gran Tour”, by Tassan Din. The year after, he founds the “Bernini & Borromini” Art Gallery in Rome and in 2001, he founds and direct the “Centro Studi Tormargana”, a publishing company committed to develop and promote the corporate culture in the tourism sector. During the same year, he also acquires the “Tormargana Literary Prize”. He publishes: “Il Libro Bianco del Turismo” (lit. The White Book of Tourism), with the Patronage of the Ministry of Productive Activities; “Libro Bianco sulla Casa” (lit. The White Book about Homes), in collaboration with the President of FEDERCASA; “Forse domani t’ammazzo” (lit. Maybe tomorrow I’ll kill you), about the tragic story of Quattrocchi, Agliana, Cupertino and Stefio, the first Italian hostages kidnapped in Iraq.
In 2004 he is appointed Advisor for Economics and Politics to the Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs and Advisor for Institutional Relationships to INFORMEST –  International Economic Cooperation Documentation and Services Centre -, Advisor to the Ministry of Regional Affairs and member of the Economic Evaluation Committee. Since 2005, he has been President and AD of Tesaut Group. From 2008 to 2011, he is appointed Advisor for Economics to the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and member of the National Design Council.

Antonio Valentino, Collector

In his Forties Antonio Valentino has a degree in Law and master’s degree in Communication and Institutional Relations. He is a member of the Young Collectors Association from 2007, General Secretary in 2011-2012 and President since 2013. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Friends of Museums in Rome since 2012.