Exhibition: HABITUS, a project initiated by Sabina Elena Dragomir

“If I like a work, if it disturbs me, I try to look at it beyond its
simple understanding.
Life is always right.
I try to split hairs, to exaggerate, to a certain extent to slow
down, to arrive at the time of Knowledge.
Future invades us, in order to metamorphose into us, long
before it happens.
The seeking of Sabina Elena Dragomir is reflected in her
works, becoming the matter and the essence, reaching
those strings which disturb and subvert the understanding.
Personal, artistic, professional.”


New Highlight post about Artrooms Roma's applicant Sabina Elena Dragomir. Artrooms, the first international contemporary art fair for independent artists.Current exhibition

HABITUS at IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery – a project initiated by artist Sabina Elena Dragomir.

The exhibition that carries the name HABITUS, proposes in the spaces of IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery to create an artistic journey and an almost obsessive visual debate found in the contemporary artistic research resulting through the displayed works the attempts to understand the surrounding world, ambient, the construction, the matter or the essence of things, through the filter of our senses, our sensitivity and the profound knowledge of us as individuals.
The whole concept of the exhibition and the chosen title tries to explain the multitude of visions, shapes and rephrased language, through which the interest of the contemporary artists manages to float above this delicate subject, full of social and philosophical weight. This project was born from Sabina Elena Dragomir’s initiative who puts forward to the public an exhibition that investigates the differences and the affinities of the artists for the status of the human condition and for the humanitarian principles that count themselves between the principles of the contemporary relativist visions.
Taking all of this into account, the artist’s debate becomes complex, and the figurative/non-figurative context blends itself with a thorough investigation of social structures in a partial level of the artistic individuality. The visual universe of the exhibition varies from the realistic precision, to geometrical abstract, lyric or minimalist, thus creating a bridge between the languages of the artists, who have different social and cultural background. An individual speech that is described through the cultural aspects found in different daily activities.
HABITUS exhibition, bring together the works of Arman Fernandez, Badulescu Stefan, Bulea Liviu, Christo, De Molfetta Francesco, Dragomir Sabina Elena, La Rosa Marco, Omar Hassan, Pasquali Francesca, Vakarcs Lorand and Vrabies Mihai. Thus becoming an important cultural event, not only in the Romanian art perimeter but also in the international one.

IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery reveals once again its main objective, that of being a vivid cultural ground in the search of a possible cultural exchange and an international dialog. Born from the desire of a real contribution in the cultural development of a generation, the gallery chooses to create not just an exhibition but a moment of ponder towards the meaning of promoting and collecting contemporary art.

The exhibition is open for the public between 6th of October and 4th of November 2017 at IAGA – CONTEMPORARY ARTStr. Cloșca, nr.9-11 / Cluj-Napoca Romania.

(Source: http://www.iaga.eu/news/article/279)

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Aperta la Call per Artrooms, la fiera londinese sbarca nella Capitale

Aperta la call per Artrooms, la fiera londinese sbarca nella Capitalle

Artrooms Roma 2018, international contemporary art fair for independent artists, will take place at The Church Palace Hotel in Rome, Italy.“La fiera d’arte londinese Artrooms London sbarca a Roma. Il progetto fieristico che ha contribuito a istituzionalizzare una tendenza, quella di portare l’arte contemporanea negli hotel, nel 2018 si svolgerà nella Capitale, dal 2 al 4 marzo all’hotel The Church Palace. Oggi si apre ufficialmente la call per gli artisti che intendono partecipare: https://roma.artroomsfairs.com/

Saranno in tutto cinquanta gli artisti che esporranno i loro lavori nelle camere di The Church Palace, trasformate per l’occasione in atelier dagli artisti stessi. Le domande saranno valutate da un Comitato di Selezione composto da curatori, galleristi e collezionisti d’eccellenza, tra i quali: Christian Fannenboech, direttore e curatore di Ransom Art, Alastair Smart, Associate Editor di Christies.com, Justin Raccanello, direttore di Bazaart, una delle principali gallerie di Frieze Masters. Artrooms Roma sarà articolata in 3 sezioni: l’esposizione centrale nelle camere, una sezione per la Video Arte e uno Sculpture Park.

Per iscriversi è sufficiente presentare una biografia, il curriculum delle esposizioni e le immagini delle opere, oltre a una descrizione del progetto espositivo. 

La fiera gioca un ruolo chiave nel ridefinire il mondo dell’arte, innovando le modalità di incontro e relazione tra artisti, gallerie e collezionisti: non per nulla, Artrooms si è imposta come il più grande evento per artisti indipendenti nel Regno Unito, nonché uno degli appuntamenti artistici più attesi dell’anno. Per questo non resta che aspettare per vedere se anche l’edizione romana sarà all’altezza delle aspettative. Intanto… Iscrivetevi: https://roma.artroomsfairs.com/”



Augmented Reality: Mermaid Lunch by FRM Art Collective

Forevermore Art Collective, selected artists for Artrooms London 2018, have just recently showcased their newest mural on Saturday, 1st October, at  House of VR on Nuit Blanche Art Event. A 6ft x 6ft painted plywood panel animated with Augmented Reality, this is the first piece designed for open-air spaces animated by this practice based in Canada.
You can see this art become alive by downloading the app available for free at google play store: Forevermore (third icon).
Just download the app, open the experience named Mermaid Lunch and point your camera towards the painting on your computer screen.

Project Art – The Social Arts Market winning artists for Artrooms 2018

Project Art, the new crowd-curated online arts market, ran an online competition giving artists the chance to exhibit at ARTROOMS 2018.

London, UK: Inspired by their partnership with ARTROOMS Project Art ran its online competition from 15th to 30th September. The prize for the four winning artists is an opportunity to exhibit and sell their artwork at Project Art’s exhibition space during ARTROOMS 2018. To enter the competition, artists simply had to upload up to three of their artworks to Project Art’s site projectart.com. The platform’s users and visitors were able to crowdsource the winning artworks by viewing, liking and sharing their favourite works of art on projecart.com. The artists behind the works which received the most user interactions were selected as competition winners.
The four winning artists are:
1. Irena Iris Willard
2. Armando Alemdar
3. Edwin Barrington Lue-Shing
4. Alizé Wilkinson
Project Art’s co-founder & CEO Johannes Fröhlich commented: ‘We are delighted to be running this competition to exhibit during ARTROOMS 2018. Our mission in creating Project Art was to break down the barriers that prevent many artists from entering the market, and to make emerging art available to a broader audience. This competition helps us do exactly that and provide four artists the chance to showcase their work on a global stage.
About Project Art – The Social Arts Market™ Project Art is a London based start-up with a global outlook. Project Art’s vision is to democratise the arts by building a new art market model, a level playing field for artists, art lovers and newcomers alike.
So much more than an online gallery, Project Art – The Social Arts MarketTM is the first crowdcurated online art marketplace – connecting artists with art enthusiasts globally where the value of artwork develops in real time based on purchases and users’ interactions with the artwork on the platform, creating a truly democratic art-market based on evolving trends.
The platform helps artists to break through the barriers of the arts market and share their artwork with a wide and engaged audience. Being a true social marketplace, the platform captures and measures popularity and trends driven by the community on Project Art – everybody can be actively engaged – and all interactions and purchases have an impact on the price development of the artwork.

Project Art – The Social Arts Market™ is free to use, no membership fees, no joining fees.